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  • Perfect For Sports: Boldfit Knee Band Pair Are The Perfect Choice For Sports Playing People & Athletes As It Provides Good Support To Knee While Playing Badminton, Basketball, Running, Cricket, Football, Cycling, Kabaddi And Gym Workout Exercise. These Knee Support Sleeves Will Provide You Protection While Performing Sports Activity.
  • Pain Relief Support: Boldfit Knee Cap Sleeves Provides Extensive Support For The Injured Knees, Our Knee Cap Sleeves Helps In Reducing Pain Of Knee Making Ease Of Movement Of Knees While Walking & Other Activities In Pain.
  • Optimal Compression Sleeves: Boldfit Pair Of Knee Cap Sleeves Comes With Optimum Compression Which Helps To Get The Movement Of Knee Without Restraining. These Caps Will Not Leave Any Marks After Wearing For Long Time Is Well.
  • Material: Boldfit Knee Cap Sleeves Comes With Nylon And Latex Blend Material, It Provides Good Support While Playing Sports, Doing Exercise And Working Out In Gyms. These Caps Are Made From Anti-slip Material & This Knee Sleeve Is Easy To Wash & Highly Durable.
  • Suitable To Everyone: Boldfit Kneecaps Sleeves Comes In Four Sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Which Makes It Suitable To Men, Women & Kids Also. Use It While Cycling, Playing Sports, Running, Badminton, Cricket Kabaddi Dance Squats Players Gym Etc
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Knee Cap Braces

You might have seen people wearing kneecaps while walking, running, or playing a sport. Do you know why knee caps have become so popular in the recent past? And another prominent reason is that modern-day knee caps do what they are expected to do – effectively

What is a knee cap?

As the term suggests, a knee cap is knee support and rehabilitation product that is designed to be worn over the knee area. Knee caps are available in various designs, styles, and makes. They are also referred to as knee sleeves or knee braces.

What are the uses and benefits of a knee cap?

Here is some more information about what a knee cap does. By definition, knee caps are supposed to provide support to the knee region by applying a certain amount of compression and pressure on it. A knee cap can be used by:

  • Individuals with knee pain
  • People who have undergone a knee surgery
  • People suffering from chronic knee problems like arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Individuals who have had an accident and injured the knee
  • Overweight individuals
  • Senior citizens who need additional support

The benefits of knee caps are multifarious in nature, including:

  • Providing support to the knee region
  • Providing compression to relieve knee pain
  • Improving blood circulation in the knee area
  • Protecting the knee from the risk of further damage
  • Limiting the movement of the patella
  • Increasing proprioception
  • Providing warmth to the knee region
  • Stabilizing the knee.

    How to manage knee pain

    Knee problems can be quite troublesome to deal with, especially since they restrict your movements and cause a lot of pain. The first and foremost thing to do when you experience knee pain is to protect it. Preventing further damage is the primary step to controlling knee pain.

    • Rest is an important part of the recovery or knee pain management process. It is essential that you give your damaged knee enough time to heal on its own, without putting unnecessary pressure on it.
    • Ice therapy works like magic in case of swelling, pain, stiffness or inflammation of the knee. This method of cold compression helps lessen the swelling and also eases the pain to a certain degree.
    • Compression applied by the means of wearing knee caps, knee braces or splints can help recuperate and rehabilitate an injured knee.
    • Elevation, too, assists in reducing swelling and enhancing the circulation of blood in the knee area.



L, M, S, XL, XXL

4 reviews for Premium Knee Cap for Gyming and Sports

  1. avneet

    Gud quality worth buying

  2. Yukta

    The product is good but got damaged packing….product is very good and comfortable giving good support while doing heavy exercise…I’m giving 3 stars because i got damaged packaging

  3. reeta

    good quality

  4. Lavkush

    Best comfort in the market

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